Cosmo made her debut in Sonic X, and hasn't appeared in any game since

Cosmo the Seedrian is a plant-like alien spieces known as Seedrian. She made her debut in the 3rd season of Sonic X. She hasnt appeared in any Sonic-related games or media since her debut.

Basic informationEdit

Name: Cosmo

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Spieces: Seedrian

First appearence: Episode 53 of Sonic X

Family: Hearita (Mother), Galaxina (Sister)

Relationship with TailsEdit

In Sonic X, it is proven that Cosmo and Tails are good friends and in the Japanese version, Tails even confesses his love to her. So there is a love interest between them.Unfortunately,Cosmo was created purely for Sonic X and wont be appearing in any other Sonic Games or Media unless a season 4 of Sonic X is released.